Civil Engineering

We are staffed with highly qualified personnel (engineers, technicians, surveyors etc.) and all the necessary equipment needed to carry out the project from conception to completion via the construction and often on a custom basis.


Our civil engineering team at ENIES brings experience and expertise to every project, utilizing thorough research, planning, and creativity to deliver high quality, pratical, and cost effective solutions to a wide range of clients.

The civil engineering process always begin with a careful assessment of  the client`s need, schedule, budgetary concerns, and visionfor the project.

After theses considerations are identified, we use our skilll, innovation and colllaboration to devise creative solutions to the civil engineering challenges we faces.

At ENIES, we provide civil engineering  services for a vast array of projects and clients by specializing in:


  • Structural Engineer (SE)
  • AutoDesk
  • Certified Construction Manager (CCM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Engineer In Training Certification (EIT)