Enies provide  full services non-destructive testing (NDT), specializing in inspection, testing, and engineering services for the  Oil and Gas. Enies technicians are proficient at performing all of the traditional NDT methods including:

  • Visual testing (VT)
  • Ultrasonic testing – thickness, shearwave and phased array (UT)
  • Radiographic testing – film  (RT)
  • Magnetic Particle testing – standard and fluorescent (MT)
  • Liquid Penetrant testing (PT)

Additionally, Enies offers several highly specialized NDT methods including:

  • Low frequency electromagnetic technique used for detecting corrosion in tank floors, tank and vessel shells, and piping from a single side.
  •  UT used for thickness scanning of large areas
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Phased Array ultrasonic inspection
  •  Hardness testing
  • Positive metal identification (PMI)
  • Electromagnetic Inspection
  • Eddy Current 

 Enies is very proud to offer a wide range of professional services including:

  • Professional Engineering staff
  • API Authorized Inspectors
  • ASNT NDT Level Three Inspectors
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors

Enies Services also offers in-house data/report management services including:

  • Ultra-Pipe technicians in house
  • Auto-CAD technicians in house
  • Data archival.

All technicians are certified Level II in one or more NDT techniques, more than fifteen hold one or more API Authorized Inspector certifications, and another ten are AWS Certified Welding Inspectors.




For the oil and gas industries, food processing industries and or other  industrial related sectors calling  in for the need of mechanical installation, we help to ensure reliability and safety of your produce, equipment or installation our world-class services in non-destructive testing, destructive testing, material testing  and quality welding.

Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Welds, Drill-pipes, Heavy weight drill pipes  (HWDP), Drill Collars, Subs, Cross-Overs, Stabilizers etc… Casing, Tubing, special tools/customer, Pup joints, couplings, Pipe Line, Hoisting and Lifting Equipments.

Enies help you to avoid the risk of catastrophic and fatal consequences and financial losses with the detection of problems before they cause damage, malfunctions or failure in services.

Besides our services in non-destructive testing, destructive testing and material testing, we equally provide complete and quality welding services to help meet your needs in welding related jobs, comply with international and national codes and standards and penetrate new markets. With our training and welder qualifications, ENIES operates in various industrial sectors, in particular oil and gas field, food processing, renewable energy, automotive rail, general engineering, manufacturing and construction.


Conventional Inspection according to recomendated Standard and pressures tests.

Full advanced NDT services and methods.

Assistance, Consultancy and Advices in your projects.


  • ASNT: American Society Of Non DestructiveTesting
  • NS:  NS-2 TM Standard
  • PCN: Personnel Certification In Non Destructive-Testing
  • API 510, API 570, and CSWIP.